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Information about manuka based products in relation to skincare.

Why CResults instead of raw Manuka Honey

Folklore describes how the Maori and early Europeans settlers used the oils and honey from the Manuka, flowers and leaves, for many medicinal purposes and were well aware of the healing results from topical application of these extracts.


Manuka Flower SmallManuka Honey has been researched at the Waikato University New Zealand for over 23 years for its amazing properties. Manuka Honey derived from the Leptospermum Scoparium, a native tea tree believed to be unique to New Zealand.

Dr Peter Molan, from the department of Biological Sciences at the Waikato University of New Zealand is a world authority in researching the factors that make Manuka Honey outstanding. Hi s research found Hydrogen Peroxide is present in all natural honeys but some Manuka Honeys have additional non Hydrogen Peroxide property. These non peroxide properties are more resilient than the Hydrogen Peroxide values and don’t break down readliy when exposed to UV, heat or when mixed with other substances such as emollients or other fluids. This research has shown Active Manuka Honey has a very potent antibacterial factor.

Beneficial Factors: factors quoted from research at the Waikato University.

  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Anti-Biotic
  • Anti-Fungal


Why use CResults Manuka Honey Skincare instead of raw Manuka Honey?

Although pure Manuka Honey on your skin is excellent for helping with all kinds of skin ailments and very effective in fighting the signs of aging it can be a chore to apply and clean up.

When mixing a Manuka Honey based skincare product yourself, the end product will often be inconsistent in its effectiveness and can be very wasteful on such a high priced product as Manuka Honey. It was also found to be uncomfortable to use as it was sticky, could be irritating and extremely messy to clean up. CResults knew of the strength and abilities of topical application of Manuka Honey and decided to design a product that had all of the positive attributes of raw Manuka Honey, was completely user friendly, and none of the drawbacks.

CResults products are also rich in Australia Kakadu plum extracts (recognized for its exceptionally high Vitamin C content, Macadamia Oil, natural vitamins and minerals and certified Organic, tested Manuka Honey and Manuka Oil. The unique combinations of these ingredients produce multi-active high performance formulas with exquisite silky, smooth texture.

Also containing No Parabens, No Lanolin, No Mineral Oils and very low allergy, CResults is as close to nature as possible.


The significant benefits of using certified Organic, 12+ Active Manuka Honey with a trace of the mineral gold!

We are possibly the only skin care company in the world that uses large quantities of pure, certified Organic, 12+ Active Manuka Honey in our skincare products. Current analysis reports indicate our Manuka Honey contains many extra minerals, including 0.05% of mineral gold. Gold has been reported to be effective against active joint inflammation and has been used as an add on therapy with aspirin for arthritis when pain relief is required. Gold is not an analgesic but may have anti-inflammatory effects. We believe it is the pure ingredients of our Manuka Honey along with other natural ingredients such as Australian Kakadu Plum, rich in Vitamin C, that gives such amazing results.

Manuka Honey is great for aiding the healing process of:

• Wounds
• Cuts
• Burns
• Wrinkles

CResults Manuka Honey Skincare:

• Dramatically improves skin hydration
• Improves the skins texture, firmness and tone
• Reduces the appearance of capillaries
• Anti-oxidant seeks free radical changes
• Suitable for all skin types
• Suitable for sensitive skins.
• Exceptional when used for the relief of acne and acne Rosacea

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Experience the WOW factor

If you really want to do something special: Cleanse, polish and feed your skin.

Exfoliate the skin with CResults Exfoliant, pat dry and apply a thin layer of Manuka Honey Facial Mask leave and on the skin for 20 minutes (a bit sticky but worth the trouble). To remove, wet hands and gently massage the mask into a syrup. Remove with a warm water and a face flannel. (Make sure you remove all the honey). Pat dry.

Now see and feel the difference. You can do this as often as you feel your skin needs it. Press a little Hydrating Renewal cream into the skin. Excellent treatment before putting on your make up. Your skin will look and feel moist all day/night. You will never have oily skin under your make up again.

Other Manuka Honey products in the range:
» Gentle Cleanser
» Clarifying Cleanser
» Exfoliant
» Moisturising Protective Day Cream
» Hydrating Renewal Cream
» Eye Cream
» Manuka Honey Facial Mask
» Hand Cream
» Soothing Skin Balm
» Manuka Honey Glycerine Soap
» Repair Lip Butter
» Manuka Oil

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Not all Manuka Honey are the real thing—are you getting what you’re paying for?

There is very little genuine New Zealand Manuka Honey, tested and active, above 15+ and for the little amount there is, the market consuming it is greater than its availability. Manuka Honey that is laboratory tested to be active above 10+, will give you all the benefits you require. Even before testing was introduced, pure, straight from the hive, Manuka Honey was well documented for it’s ability to improve health internally and externally.

What is Manuka Honey?
Manuka is a species of Tea Tree growing wild in New Zealand. There are over 158 species of tea tree in the southern hemisphere and Manuka is a species unique to New Zealand. The honey from this shrub has been researched and has shown some incredible activity.

This active non peroxide component benefits are:
» Anti-bacterial
» Anti-inflammatory as tested by the Waikato University New Zealand

CResults Organic Manuka Honey comes from the remote wild Manuka forests on the West coast of the South Island of New Zealand, rich in all its pure organic properties and trace elements, including traces of the mineral gold. So good for you, and the whole family.

Why are night creams different?

A night cream is the most important moisturiser you can use. While you are sleeping and the body is relaxed, the cells are restructuring and repairing the body’s tissue. This is where a quality night cream really makes a difference. Night Creams are generally thicker than day creams, much richer in emollients and essential oils to penetrate and moisturise deeper in the tissue. CResults Hydrating Renewal Cream is rich in Manuka Honey and Kakadu Plum extract (renowned for its extraordinary quantities of Vitamin C) combined to nourish, rejuvenate and moisturise the skin, reducing dehydration and fine lines. This product contains 14% pure organic, cold pressed Manuka Honey to balance and repair your skin and will be absorbed into your skin, moisturising the skin as you sleep. Combine with the benefits of an eye cream and you will definitely see the difference.