Pushing The Boundaries


A month from today Scott and I will be heading into the sunrise, the first day of our epic adventure, heading for our first stop Currawong.  But nothing goes as you plan, yesterday I came out of hospital after very quick diagnoses and straight in for a Gall bladder operation, just what I needed before a big trip, there is a good thing because now I will be in great health for the journey.

It has been very surprising to see how Scott is handling this, I wasn’t going to tell him anything till we were 1 or 2 days away from leaving, as I feared he would have a daily anxiety attack waiting for the day and there would be a continuing barrage of respective conversion to the point of breaking.  Surprise I couldn’t keep it to myself and in a calculated conversion introduced the idea of a caravan trip to Scott, just him and me. Wow, he was wrapped and there hasn’t been any of the exhausting behaviour I imaged,  on the contrary he has addressed it once or twice , calmly and with some constructive ideas , such as what food should we take (most important to Scott , we’ll never stave as Scott’s priorities are food first , drinks and video games.) Then the other night he came down from his room to tell me he was down loading music, to take on our trip.

This is already proving Scott and I are going to open new doors of understand and tolerance…..


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