“Pushing the Boundaries”


Scott is thirty five years old. He is an accomplished artist and has already sold many pieces of his art over 11 exhibitions in Melbourne and New Zealand. His work and life is challenged and enriched by autism and Tourettes Syndrome; the below planned journey will be a major issue for Scott as I’m taking him away from all of his compulsive behaviour, comforts and challenging his need to interact with life and people.
I am Scott and Adam’s mum, and a grandmother to two beautiful girls; I am a strong advocate for community education and community support for families and independent life styles for autistic and disabled adults.
I am also the CEO of two successful companies in Melbourne and hopefully a budding artist under Scott’s direction. Together Scott and I hope to interpret with our unique styles an adventure over 2000 kilometres confronting each other, nature and our relationship. At the end we will display our journey in an exhibition, documentary and storytelling to help other people to take control of their destiny and take on an adventure.
The plan:
Scott and I are going to head off in a caravan to follow the Murray River in autumn from its source in the Corryong district to its entry into the sea in South Australia, a total of 2508 Kilometres.
Our aim is to photograph, draw and paint on a journey exploring the remote parts of the Murray River and the unique country towns and their community along the way.
At the completion of our journey we are going to sell all of our works at an exhibition and give all of the profits to organisations that directly help families with autistic children and adults in their own communities, and we hope our documented journey will give strength and reason to others to never give up or feel hopeless.
This journey is about building a relationship. After a life time of looking after Scott and struggling to find normality, a few years ago I stepped back and although Scott has found some independence and a good life, it is very limited and habitual. It’s been very difficult to find employment, a circle of friends and a future for Scott. I believe it’s time to find a common ground to improve Scott’s quality of life and to assure the future has a greater meaning.
Scott and I will be documenting the journey, the good and the bad, on video, in photographs, in a blog, and in our art.
This may lead to a greater understanding of Scott and myself, autism, human behaviour and how relationships can be built around adversity.
Scott and I will explore a mother and son relationship and a friendship, and how we will interpret the journey in art.
Scott… “I am good at art. When I draw or paint I am free and I can be wise and clever.”

Scott is a Warrandyte based artist whose love of the area and of Melbourne is demonstrated in his works. With his art, Scott traverses the landscape with spontaneity and freedom. His dynamic movement and energy is captured on paper, where it often continues to swirl and move before your eyes. Scott will work with amazing attentiveness to detail and line that for many is not even noticed. His art provides him with a way to be him.
Scott lives and is able to have as normal and full life as possible with all of his challenges. The community is very tolerant of his behaviour and supportive to help him move freely and creatively in the local area.
As an artist and valuable community member he has possibly helped the community to be proud of one of its more eccentric residents.
Although Scott is Autistic, his work is not repetitive. His work is very diverse in subject and mediums, pastel being one of his favourites, but Scott also loves drawing with pen, oil pastels and occasionally paints.
He started drawing from around the age of three and it has been a comforting place of retreat over the years as he has grown while he has tried to deal with everyday life and autism. Scott has also been diagnosed with Tourettes Syndrome which in many ways is as debilitating and exhausting as his autism.
Art has given Scott a life of colour, interaction and opportunity. It has comforted him when his anxiety is almost uncontrollable, and rewarded him when other people could only see his disability.
Scott and I have had many journeys over his life time, but in later years we have drifted apart and I have become complacent about our relationship. In the last few years I have picked up the brushes and from Scott’s guidelines enjoyed an introduction and satisfaction from painting.
I have worked hard in our businesses and challenged myself in many ways along the journey, but nothing has come close to the excitement I feel about the adventure that I am about to start with my eldest son.
I hope we will influence each other in our art and expand our expertise, but most of all I hope this journey opens up our minds and Scott’s future to appreciate and learn life is an adventure to explore constantly, to push the boundaries and never give up.
I hope this will give courage and a fresh vision to families that have grown tired and complacent over their long journey with a person or people who need help to find a new direction and life.
You can be part of this remarkable journey.
All we ask is that you follow us on social media sites and share our story
“Pushing the Boundaries” The countdown starts on the 9th of May please follow us on a journey of life, relationships and art.
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SCOTT’S art can be found at http://www.scottnyeartist.com

The story will also be found on http://www.cresults.com.au starting on the 21st April


3 thoughts on ““Pushing the Boundaries”

  1. russwilliamsfreelance

    Great job with your blog- I’m a Welshman currently living in Melbourne but I’ll soon be heading back home to Wales, where my severely autistic younger brother awaits.. Looking forward to seeing him again after a year from home. I currently have two blogs of my own, one on my travels here in Australia and the other about life with my brother Kriss. Naturally, your blog interests me a lot. Where can we find Scott’s art in Melbourne? My girlfriend is a huge art fan and we would both love to see his work before we leave! Those are some great photos and drawings by the way! All the best with the remainder of your trip.


    1. Cresults Australia Pty Ltd Post author

      Hi Russ, Thanks for your comment. Scott currently has no work on show, most of his art has made it into private collections over the years and unfortunately other than http://www.scottnyeartist.com there is nowhere to really view them in the flesh. You said you are leaving to go home soon, we are planning to hold an exhibition upon return but this may take some months to prepare, how long will you remain in Australia? You are welcome to email me on info@cresults.com.au and we may be able to arrange some kind of a viewing prior to the exhibition in around 2-3 weeks. Also, could you provide a link to your blog about Kriss, we are very interested in reading.

      Best regards
      Jason on behalf of Cheryle



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