Not all Manuka Honey are the real thing—are you getting what you’re paying for?

There is very little genuine New Zealand Manuka Honey, tested and active, above 15+ and for the little amount there is, the market consuming it is greater than its availability. Manuka Honey that is laboratory tested to be active above 10+, will give you all the benefits you require. Even before testing was introduced, pure, straight from the hive, Manuka Honey was well documented for it’s ability to improve health internally and externally.

What is Manuka Honey?
Manuka is a species of Tea Tree growing wild in New Zealand. There are over 158 species of tea tree in the southern hemisphere and Manuka is a species unique to New Zealand. The honey from this shrub has been researched and has shown some incredible activity.

This active non peroxide component benefits are:
» Anti-bacterial
» Anti-inflammatory as tested by the Waikato University New Zealand

CResults Organic Manuka Honey comes from the remote wild Manuka forests on the West coast of the South Island of New Zealand, rich in all its pure organic properties and trace elements, including traces of the mineral gold. So good for you, and the whole family.


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